Nalari Health

Nalari Health provides a comprehensive patient-centric health care delivery system which is unlike any other in the market today

Remote health care is revolutionizing the delivery of health care in the United States. No other delivery model has the capability to improve the overall health experience, quality of outcomes and reduce cost to the degree online health care can.

Nalari Health is an remote health care delivery company focused on improving access to health care for high utilization / high risk patient populations. By remotely monitoring patients, coordinating care and providing meaningful, clinical encounters between an interdisciplinary team of physicians and patients and their care givers online, Nalari Health is dramatically changing the way health care is delivered, consumed and paid for. Nalari provides a complete remote care solution to its customers that complements existing health care programs, systems, and processes while providing a valuable new care benefit to patients. By shifting encounters to the appropriate lowest-cost settings and providing a foundation for accountable care models via improved monitoring and proactive treatment of at-risk patients, Nalari Health is enabling quality care at reduced costs. Nalari operates a comprehensive Online Care solution working with hospitals, primary and specialty practices, community-based health care organizations, nursing homes, non-profits, universities and more to connect patients to quality care, when and where the patient requires it.

Online health care changes everything– payment, processes, access to care, outcomes and expectations.  Nalari Health is leading the way to dramatically improve the experience and quality of care for everyone.  Nalari is an exclusive remote health strategic partner of the Alexander Group.  The two companies work together to improve health care quality and lower costs.