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The Alexander Group, LLC, (AG) was founded in March 2013 by Gary D. Alexander, a nationally recognized reformer with over 16 years experience in transforming government health care and welfare systems. Mr. Alexander founded the company to offer and apply the same cutting edge solutions and creative ideas he designed in the public sector to government agencies and operations, and private businesses-both existing and startups.  AG is a full-service consulting solutions firm that is innovatively transforming the delivery of health care and turning around underperforming health and human services systems. AG is a results-driven government and business consulting firm that creates and delivers cutting-edge data-driven solutions, strategic business development, and innovative health-care and technology platforms — to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and quality for our clients. AG not only helps government agencies become performance driven, effective, and efficient operations but also aids private businesses to enhance revenue and profitability while improving their bottom line. We possesses unique expertise in the government health-care marketplace, built upon two decades of operating and fixing large-scale health and human-services systems and pioneering some of the most innovative entitlement reforms that have improved care quality, delivered huge savings, and reduced fraud, waste, and abuse. AG brings a proud history of service in both public and private sectors as reformers, providers of care, administrators, researchers, policy makers, economists, auditors, tacticians, health care experts and solution leaders of large government and private sector organizations. We are committed to helping our clients solve the most acute problems with the highest levels of professionalism and ethical service. AG and its partners skillfully combine strategic planning and broad analytical and policy-making capabilities and expertise with the operational acumen to apply practical and tactical solutions to transform your organization into a world-class leader.